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Our essential tools bundle consists of 2 must-have darcybeauty tools for your beauty products collection.

Including our gorgeous pink eyelash curler and our velvet powder puffs set of 2 (1 pink and 1 black) all in one bundle!

Eyelash Curler : Our perfect lightweight curler with a metal frame, it’s easy to carry around, calibrated with a sturdy smooth open/close function which ensures an even pressure and no harsh pulling on your natural lashes. We made sure to include our unique comb feature onto our eyelash curlers which are made to separate your lashes evenly with no clumping and leaving your lashes looking longer and thicker. You may use this curler on your natural lashes or stick ons to create a seamless blend.

Powder Puffs : Our darcybeauty velvet powder puffs are a must-have for a flawless, shine-free finish! If you haven’t tried a powder puff before then now is your chance… ideal for quick top-ups and a super easy and seamless application. The perfect size to fit in your bag and travel around with. And minimises appearance of pores and unwanted shine-finish. They allow your powder makeup to blend into your skin seamlessly leaving the perfect base makeup. These will upgrade your makeup game to a whole new level of flawless!

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