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All In One Beauty Sponge


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Our darcybeauty all in one shape sponge is perfect for powders, liquids and creams. This is the unique shape which is an all in one… you may use it for concealer under eyes, all over foundation application, loose powder to set your makeup in place or even cream contour/blush/highlight. It’s perfect for everything!

HOW TO DAMPEN: We recommend running the sponge under the tap and gently squeezing until at your desired size. When you have done so squeeze all the excess water out making sure you don’t leave the sponge too damp before use as this may affect your makeup application. Once you have done so, begin to use!

EASY TO CLEAN: Our soft blender sponge cleans easily. Just wet it, apply a little mild soap, and squeeze gently. Leave it in a well-ventilated room. After drying, it will look good as new and ready for use. Make sure you do NOT leave your sponge in a warm, non-ventilated space as this can cause mould to grow which of course we don’t want this to happen!

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