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Our darcybeauty velvet powder puffs are a must-have for a flawless, shine-free finish! If you haven’t tried a powder puff before then now is your chance to get some affordable and game changing ones… ideal for quick top-ups and a super easy and seamless application. The perfect size to fit in your bag and travel around with. These powder puffs minimise appearance of any pores and unwanted shine-finish.

They allow your powder makeup to blend into your skin seamlessly leaving the perfect base makeup.

How we recommend to use our powder puffs : Start by tapping your puff into your loose/pressed powder, once you have done so, pat your puff on the back of your hand to get rid of any excess powder so you get an even amount across the powder puff and no clumps of powder in any areas. Then just press the puff into any areas of your skin you wish to leave a shine free, soft finish. Typically this is your forehead, chin and under eyes however this differs for every persons wants and needs!

These will upgrade your makeup game to a whole new level of flawless!

Set of 2 triangle shape velvet powder puffs.

Not sold separately.

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